i think we think ways
we are riverleaf
among us stand many forests
so many currents compel our perceptions
each life a single leaf, our voices echo universes
between us root and sky, forward reflection
time whispers, wonders flow
color and sound, tidal dimensions
touching textures belonging
these sensations one presence life explores
trembling in gravity's final windy embrace
voices call
hear now, we fall
this is our beginning
ways we think i think


( style shapes our minds ? all purpose creativity )
... so here we are ~ labyrinth networks
vision motivates design
! world !
life ~ formats ~ text
technology ~ environments ~ innovation
community ~ sciences ~ discovery
mathematica ~ expressions ~ specieation
institutions ~ style ~ declarations
expansions ~ code ~ interfaces
html ~ css ~ rule
tag and/or class and/or id
} : ; {
chaos ~ quarks ~ being
occasion ~ reciprocals ~ standard
framework ~ values ~ geekspeak
selectors ~ elements ~ languages
protocols segments ~ fixits values ~ standards releases
? web ?
stars endless abide
art by design ...
(wonders we wander ! greater we gather)


Type is the digital interface of human language. Typography is creative type and interactively deploys fonts, space, color, texture, images, animation, sound, video, and AI projection. Internet began as only text that is called ‘code’ in a monochrome environment. Today, everthing online is textual code. Some sites do not display text. Online presence can be authored verbally, remotely and in other innovative ways.

What's the punishment for a fascist criminal caught trying to steal a Presidency? Death or life in prison, in civilized nations. Ooops!       Now for something completely different.       Say, Republican purge as suggested by... anyone? Ooops!       Okay, different. Normal, civilized gun control... Ooops!       Maybe a human focus?       Find something normal! Where?

(sorry, nothing here)
Really, good luck finding that fabled Euro colony peace!

Startup Nations 🍃 Welcome

RiverLeaf is a non-profit collective creative media service. We create and service websites for organizations and communities. Our work is free, involves introduction of our team members, identification of need, provision of solution and always culminates in our customers control of their web presence. We do not maintain any information related to you or your site, once your site creation or revision is complete. Should you so desire, immediate cessation is welcomed. We promote only legal online presence for good people, and where customer violates legality our service is immediately witheld while appropriate authority is engaged.






Reader, is our survival entitled?

My mother used to look at me reading, and say, "If a book had wings..." So now, consider the Polar Tern (our web spirit). She is Earth's greatest voyager. December in Antarctica, July in Arctic.
Distance flown each year is 70,800 km. So, 70,800 / 365 = 194 kilometers per day and 70,800 x 30 = 2,250,000 km in her lifetime (approximately). Compare human beings. We are Earth’s laziest great destroyer of life.
Arctic Tern

Code is good? 90vw + (5vw + 5vw) = 100vw? Except...

Perhaps, we need code style institutions. Big local clear-cut offender, Macmillan Bloedel used to echo opening left margin titles at-the-top with closing right margin titles at-the-bottom. So I thought, okay, we can style openers and closers.

Try flip the closer titles 180o, upside-down! Definitely more stylish than your local lumberjack. The code we developed is interesting: css properties transform and text-align applied to h1-h6 elements, each containing a div element. Like this:
h1 div { transform: scale(-1, -1); text-align: left; }

html heading institution

A subject ~ heading h1

A subject ~ heading h1

A subject ~ heading h2

A subject ~ heading h2

B subject ~ heading h3

B subject ~ heading h3

B subject ~ heading h4

B subject ~ heading h4

C subject ~ heading h5
C subject ~ heading h5
C subject ~ heading h6
C subject ~ heading h6

html heading institution


Near Extinction Event Removal (NEER) always determines life form survival. Simple life forms are less prone to extinction, but homo sapiens is very complex, extremely prone. None of our predeccesor subspecies have survived. We alone are where we belong and survive. Or we are lost and disappear, forever. We are not Terns, nor Monkies, nor Butterflies.

Where we belong is determined by strict geographic guidelines. Perhaps we can avoid extinction, by living in the correct place? The ulmus americana sequella would indicate multiple interdependent extinction cascades. What does apartheid really mean, and who or what is really apart? Narrow-mindedness? This was our NEER challenge at James Cook University and DDIAE (University of Southern Queensland, map). Life is not a political agenda, nor a personal cause. Near extinction events are scientific facts. Five horrific NEER impacts on our species in the last four million years. We are overdue.

This is NEAR EXTINCTION: 1,000 / 1,000,000 = 0.001% survival

One recent near extinction event reduced our predecessor subspecies population from one million to one thousand individuals. All survivors had lived on their land for over 2,000 generations. All humans without the critical 20,000 year static biosphere connection, are only fossil. When is our next event? We are overdue 1,000 years. Mathematically, speaking to cosmological inevitability...       Conclusion of ‘titles’ topic. Click the ‘wings’ link (or scroll down) to consider more.

(indigenous understanding)


Each root is lost... or connected. Full of potentials.

Perhaps it is time, for Lost people to move back home? The DNA test can find home for those truly lost. Understand, with care and kindness that is whole and connects inside NEER. One Earth. Millions of human environments.
Where do I belong?

African people belong in the Africas. Asians in Asia. Americans in America. Oceanics in Oceanus. Europeans in Europe. And so on. Within each geophysical feature. Where our Ancestors have survived for the last 200 centuries. Upon each continent, we each belong to a specific valley, shorline, hill top, some certain place that is truly home. Each root is biological, physiological and biospheric. Broken genes, enjoy the ride. We cherish the benefits of cross polination. Survival is a balancing act.

Yes, even electromagnetic. Bioispheres are extremly complex.

All people belong in just one place, unique for each person, and also unique for each person’s balanced family and community. Yet too many of us are lost in the great rush that suits our global colonization and economic expansion. While that same rush may ultimately resource and enrich all people on Earth, the rushing necessarily denies genomic stability: so great wars and massive poverty ensue. All species, all genomes require biospheric stability to survive. Extinction (maladaptation) is the only alternative.

Humans react dangerously to instability.

There is only one consequence. Everyone has one indigenous root. One Mother. We all share one critical emotional need. To respect the code of life. To respect, we need to consider each other across peaceful distance. No crush in city polity. No mass foreign alienation. No remote isolation. No greed. No inclusion by conquest. No colony. No war. Simply understanding, supporting, belonging. To each inhabitant, our sacred roots unbroken.

But what if...
we consider

(indigenous confusion)

yes we can

( ways we think we think )

So many reflective surfaces seek our lives... disconnect.


wonder we wander, greater we gather...

RiverLeaf Asks Each Of Us
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