Turtle Island

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Our Mothers’ Land Of Peace

Turtle Island (tur·tle is·land, ˈtərd(ə)l ˈīlənd) is a collection of continents inhabited by human beings for hundreds of eons. Named Americas (a·mer·i·cas, əˈmerəkəz) for a few hundred years by constantly genocidal, invading Caucasians (cau·cas·i·ans, käˈkāZH(ə)nz), also known as Barbarians (bar·bar·i·ans, bärˈberēənz). Disclaimer: ‘barbarian’ links are distorted by glorification, in Third World (Region 3, Americas) search results. Temporally conditioned as Eurocentric Reconciliation (rec·on·cil·i·a·tion, ˌrekənˌsilēˈāSH(ə)n), respecting certain colonizer divide-and-conquer border name games. Ultimately, across the countless millenia of our global settlement, forgotten.

See below... And That's How That Story Goes.

Two serious concerns arise around global Barbarian presence: racism and simply living together. Consider also, their interniscene communist threat, the United Nations (arguably useful, inclusive criminal conflict resolution), and so on. Concerns buried in complexity. Barbarians began assaulting and murdering Turtle Island people after the so-called ‘discovery’ (dis·cov·er·y, dəˈskəv(ə)rē) of Turtle Island by Christopher Columbus in a very well documented, ongoing genocidal holocaust (hol·o·caust, ˈhäləˌkôst; holocaust interpretation is lost in Barbarian histories due to a certain blood-lust conflict resolution?). Including the worsening missing and murdered women and girls, naturally a growing social issue in Colony Americas. See, Doctrine of Discovery, also known as White Supremacy (white su·prem·a·cy, (hwīt səˈpreməsē)... always, a trendy global topic. Story time!

Haudenosaunee Creation

Creation Stories
Sky Woman & Turtle Island

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Finally, Sovereignty: Who We Are is video story about a Confederacy of Nations - and Oren from the Haudenosaunee Confederation is visiting Lummi Nation 20 Km south of White Rock and Blaine, on the West Coast of Turtle Island. Oren Lyons of Onondaga Wolf Clan speaks of life and love in a way that respects us and reminds us that my Mother is Tyendenaga/Kanawake Bear Clan, born in Tyendenaga to a Mother who died and adopted to Kanawake. So following from my Mother, I am Bear Clan and this is who we are. And my father is Piigan Wolf because his Mother, Nan was Wolf Clan and Oren who is also Wolf looks and talks like my Bear Clan Mother's father who was Snipe in Cherokee. A big Turtle's nest of Clans and tribes and Mothers and lands. My older brother Jay is buried with his Wife Christina Seaweed in Shalath Reservation. I grew up without our traditional teaching, yet now in my 60's I sometimes wonder, should I feel lost and confused. My Mother told me, "You are Bear Clan." My father told me, "You live on Turtle Island." Cannot deny our Ancestors. Spirit seeks answers in my existence, our existence. Together... How do we answer?


How do we connect? If you listened above to all of Kay's Story, our shared, conditioned perplexity may seem more understandable. Can we, as people who live on Earth, change our current predicament... undo damage as permanent as time, then transcend fate? "Ultimately, NEER... any near extinction event removal is as close as we will ever get to our inevitable future.” (Dr. Mark Wood, DDIAE, 1979 in Colony Australia).

Many people wonder, have we brought ourselves near to our end, disturbing Mother Earth?

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Penultimately, our species homo sapiens sapiens has a huge unfolding socialization challenge. All of our societies are governed by conflict, greed, selfishness. Yet, our common, shared need is peace, equity, forgiveness. Recognizing that challenge here alone is far from adequate, though an important process in all of our lives. May love with life encompass our peoples’ present and future Earth community.



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